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You Were Born to Be Real – Not Perfect

You Were Born to Be Real – Not Perfect

Do you struggle with needing to be perfect?

Do you think if you are you’ll receive more love, money, validation, or acceptance?

Would being “perfect” allow you to look down upon others who may not be as perfect? Or give you some kind of moral authority position that feeds your ego?

No matter what what you currently believe, the desire to be perfect comes from a deep longing to be loved and accepted/- and not feeling worthy of receiving it in your current position.

When we feel unworthy of love, respect, or validation, we often develop a deep-belief that… “If I was more perfect, in whatever way I think I’m lacking, then people will love me.”

Which, when believed long enough, creates a toxic inner world, where we’re never enough/- and life becomes difficult and chaotic.

When you realize that you are loving and lovable, just the way you are, you realize that going for perfection is a waste of time/- if for no other reason than it doesn’t actually exist.

People want to connect with you, the REAL YOU, because of your strengths, so they’re inspired. AND for your “weakness”, so they can also feel their worth, by making a contribution to you, and your life.

Here’s the thing… NONE OF US ARE PERFECT!!! And the sooner you except the beauty, genius, and the magic that is you, the more easily you can develop the kind of successful relationships that make you feel happy.

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