You Get What You Settle For

You Get What You Settle For

This morning as I was getting my son ready for school, a thought “caught” me. Mind you, it wasn’t a new thought, but rather it was one of those thoughts that I took in, and processed at a deeper level.

You, the state of your life, and ALL the things in it, are what you’re settling for…

Whether it’s the food we eat, the way we exercise our body, the way we making a living, or the relationships we cultivate/- each choice is what we’re willing to “live with” in the moment.

Now, in the areas you’re happy with your experience, this is GREAT, because it means you’ve adjusted your beliefs or energy to match your desired reality. But, in those areas you’re dissatisfied, or even unhappy, it means you’re settling for less than what your spirit knows you can create.

So, how do you make it better?

Well, rather than taking on a complete life overhaul (unless you have the time and space to do so), intend right now to elevate what your settling for in a few areas… and if you need some help, try the following process:

1. Write a list of 3–5 areas that need improvement
2. Identify how or why you’re settling (usually fear or worth issues)
3. For each issue, write a new thought or more supportive belief
4. Practice this new belief, and elevate your thinking to this place
5. Notice if you feel inspired to take action to make things better/- and take it

When you realize that everything is in your life because you said “Yes!” to it, you become more discerning as to what you’re willing to settle settling for.

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