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Hello Luv ~


If you’re ready to let go of the B.S. stories that are keeping you from manifesting your dreams…  I can help.

I’m Morgan McKean, and while my friends and clients playfully refer to me as a “Butterfly on Redbull”,  I’m actually a recognized Intuitive Empath, energy channel, self-help author, and speaker, with the kind of infectious energy that keeps going, and going.  I have almost 25 years of experience in spirituality, psychology, human-potential, intuition, and manifestation, which gives me a deep understanding of how to shift your programming and beliefs to realize your deepest desires.

The Back Story

Though I was born an Intuitive Empath, and have been counseling people since my teens, my career actually began among the lights and cameras of the television industry, working as a producer on a number of shows for Paramount Pictures, Telepictures, and Warner Bros.  From there, I went on to be the Director of Media Relations for an independent record label, through Bungalo/Universal Music Group. Though these endeavors may seem unrelated to what I do now, it was through them that I discovered the symbiosis between my intuitive gifts, my ability to shift people’s mindset, and my knack for communicating in various formats.


However, these epiphanies about my purpose didn’t exactly cause me to jump into professional counseling right away.  You see, coming out of the closet publicly with my gifts was a process – first working as a psychic, then a life coach, and then finally accepting what I am – an Intuitive Empath and Energy Healer… a.k.a. a Spiritual Badass.


Known for being a “Vitamin B Shot” for people’s dreams, my mission is to free you from the B.S. stories you’re telling yourself that keep you from realizing them. So I ask the tough questions, point out what you’re NOT seeing, and challenge you to elevate your thinking, so you can make your dreams a reality.


While my ideas and methods are less than conventional, I have served as the Resident Intuitive Life Coach for The Spa at Pelican Hill, and have partnered in several live events with five star venues such as the Beverly Wilshire, to share my message. Additionally, my work has been featured in a number of media outlets including NPR Radio, Radio MD, MSN.com, Careerbuilder.com, and Aspire, Bask, Ebony, LA Travel, and Woman’s Day magazines, which you can learn more about HERE.


And most recently, at the request of fans, friends, and clients, I’ve put my intuitive insights and real-world advice about how to live your best life in the six session-chaptered, self-help guide, “Becoming Princess Charming: Creating the Magical Mindset for Your Happily Ever After”, published by Gilliard Media Group, May 2019.

How I Can Help

If you’re ready to get “unstuck” and manifest your dreams, one of my greatest strengths is guiding people through the process of realizing their deepest desires.


Using my intuitive gifts and spiritual understandings, I am able to accurately identify ideas and beliefs that are no longer serving you, so you can release them, and replace them with the kind that do.


To learn more about working with me personally, CLICK HERE.


If working with me one-on-one isn’t currently an option, I invite you to get your hands on my new book, Becoming Princess Charming, and to follow along my Instagram channel, where I usually post daily.