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You’re probably here because you’ve either discovered that your significant other is a narcissist, your intimate partner is hurting you, or you finally figured out that you’ve been stuck in a long cycle of abuse, one that probably started in childhood.  And the trauma you picked up from it, has played out in your intimate relationships.

You’re also anxious, exhausted and confused.  Tired of all of the game playing, walking around on eggshells, and riding emotional roller coasters to make your partner happy.  You want clarity and peace, and to know exactly what to do to move on from this space.  Because let’s face it, everything you’ve tried up until now, has basically failed you.

You need someone who knows exactly what you’re going through, and can pull you out of it.  A strong and compassionate person who can see you, feel you, and understand the core issues that you’re dealing with. You know, the ones that put you in this position.

An expert who can get inside your heart and head, peaking behind “closed doors”, to see what you really believe, and why you keep attracting abusive people.  So you can heal from all of it, and stop the abuse cycle.

morgan mckean

This is where I, and my story, come in… 

Often compared to a ‘Butterfly on Redbull’ for my highly infectious energy, I’m Morgan McKean, Intuitive Empath + Healer.  And I specialize in releasing your pain, while re-building your self-esteem and confidence, after you’ve suffered trauma from abusive relationships.  Born with intuitive and empathic gifts of understanding, I first dipped my toe into spirituality and the human-potential movement at the ripe old’ age of six, and it has become a life long love affair that I’ve been sharing with others ever since.

However, so that you don’t get the wrong impression of me, I want to share two important things before I go any further…

1) While I am an Intuitive Empath, a Healer + Energy Channel, I am also probably one of the least “woo woo” people with these kinds of gifts you will ever meet.  Yes, I can use my intuition and spiritual knowledge to uncover and heal many of your deep seated issues however, I also have a very mainstream way about my thinking, and being.  So while I can sage your home and energy, and understand things like crystals, astrology, and numerology, I don’t really use them personally, nor while working with clients.

2) Even with all my gifts and understandings, my life has definitely been no bed of roses.  You see, in addition to my gifts, research, and education, another reason I’m so qualified to guide you through this healing process is that I’m also a repeat abuse survivor.  A classic “Wounded Healer”,  I have earned my advance degree in the areas of Domestic Violence and Narcissism in intimate partnerships, from first hand experience at the University of Hard Knocks.

And in case you’re not overly familiar with this line of study, let me share with you some of my course work…

narcissistic abuse

Course Work

What You Learn When You Have an Alcoholic/Absentee Father

When you are the daughter of an alcoholic/absentee father, who blamed you for several of his suicide attempts, along with using you as a bargaining chip, whenever he missed your mother/- you learn you are unworthy of being loved by someone your suppose to get care and support from. That you have little to no value, all on your own. And that if you want love and attention, you’re going to have to work hard for them, or manipulate the other person to get it.

What You Learn When You Give Your Power to a Manipulative Partner

When you get involved with an older, manipulative partner, who sells you a dream, so you start working for him for next to nothing, who then choses to marry his secretary, on your 22nd birthday, while still telling you that its you he loves most of all/- you learn that people will lie right through their teeth in order to get what they want from you, with little to no regard for your feelings.  You also learn when you work for your lover, and you break up unexpectedly, you’re also out of a job.  And are going to have to create your whole life over – from scratch.

What You Learn When Strange Women Show Up at Your Door

When two strange women show up to your home to claim that the man you’ve been exclusive with for almost three years is the father to one of their infants, while the other says she owns a house with him/- you learn that where there is smoke, there is fire, and that you’re probably involved with a narcissist. You also learn that before you go running to him with this information, you should get ALL the details from them, and then sleep on it.  Because on the off chance that they’re not being honest, he’s still messy to be involved in such drama.  And in more instances than not, they’re doing you a favor.

What You Learn When You Get Too Serious with Your Rebound Man

When you get too serious with the rebound man, you know, the one that was only suppose to be your transition person, and he does things like get controlling, verbally attacks you, and then chokes you against a wall because you don’t include him in your new work project/- you learn to remember that they are rebound men for a reason.  That just like you, they are usually broken too, hence your mutual attraction. Which is why things get so messy, because each of you is projecting your fear-based issues on to the other.

What You Learn When a Man Beats + Holds a Gun on You

When you live with a man who has not only slapped or pushed you around, but has punched you, choked you, dragged you down hallways by your hair, held you down with a dining room chair, while pointing a knife to your neck, and aimed a loaded handgun six inches away from your pregnant belly/- you learn that you’re broken. That somewhere along the way your self-esteem got trampled, and your soul got lost.  That you don’t think you’re worth taking care of, making safe, or putting yourself in a kind and loving environment.

morgan and j

What You Learn When You Date Your LAST Con Artist – a.k.a. Narcissist

When you get involved with a 48 year old man, who makes you his girlfriend on the third date, while telling you all sorts of grandiose stories about his job, volunteer work, son, and last few relationships, and then you discover it was all an illusion he conjured up to impress you/- you learn that narcissists really aren’t like other people.  They are lying, self-serving, cold-hearted, egotistical, think their “stuff” doesn’t stink, kind of people, who see others as appliances, who’s main purpose is boosting their ego, and supporting them unconditionally.
Yes, believe it or not, these are just some of the lessons I endured, while earning my degree from the University of Hard Knocks.

And while I can look back now with such clarity to see why I was in each of these situations, I must confess, at the time…  I was often scared, overwhelmed, confused, and not always sure how I was going to get out of what I had gotten myself into.  You see, because of my family programming, past relationships, and being a rather “unique” person, I had developed the core belief that somehow I wasn’t worthy of real love, affection, attention, or support.

Crazy when I think about it now…

However, even in the depths of my deepest fear and misery, I also had the belief that there was a really BIG reason for it.  Every time I was abused, it almost felt like I was watching a movie, like it wasn’t really happening to me.  And that one day I would wake up, the nightmare would be over, and I would finally understand why I was having these types of experiences.

After my son was born, and I left his father, I began to understand why things like this kept happening.  And, even though I was healing, I didn’t have my big  “ah ha” moment, until I was down on my knees in the shower with grief over the last con artist that will ever get over on me.  As I sat with water and tears streaming down my face, I had the epiphany that changed everything…  even though I had been an Intuitive Empath professionally for almost 9 years at that point, and had changed the lives of hundreds, if not thousands of people, I had NEVER taken the time to address my own wounds and issues.

Empath Morgan McKean

My biggest wounds and issues…

Healing the last of my codependency, and building my self-esteem, self-worth, and ability to set and keep healthy boundaries, when it comes to intimate relationships.  Along with finally addressing the wounds that come from a lifetime of trauma and abuse.  Which I did, and continue to work on daily.

Now, more than just performing emotional triage, or helping to bring clarity and peace to people’s chaos, I specialize in helping other narcissistic and intimate abuser survivors heal the hurt from their abuse, and make peace with their past, so they can begin to live well again.

Please keep in mind, I didn’t choose this path, not consciously anyway, it chose me. So I could increase awareness about intimate partner abuse, domestic violence and narcissism.  And if you need help grieving and healing from your trauma, I invite you to explore my website, and check out my healing programs.  You can also join my private “Heal The Hurt” Facebook group, where I share insights and advice daily, and other survivors are sharing their stories. Hope to see you there.

One more thing…

In addition to the abuse and trauma, I’ve also accomplished some pretty amazing things, and if you want to read about some of them in my professional biography, just click the link below.