The REAL Reason You Have a Hard Time Finding Love

The REAL Reason You Have a Hard Time Finding Love

Are you ready to be loved?

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you thought someone was being “too nice,” and you had a hard time believing that their words and actions were true?

Or do you struggle with letting someone really love you, care for you, and reflect back to you all the amazingness that is you?

The ONLY reason we ever have a hard time giving and receiving love is FEAR…

Fear we’ll be abandoned
Fear we’ll loose our identity/world
Fear that we’re not worthy of love
Fear we’ll give too much of ourselves, and not have it returned
Fear that if we reveal the “real us,” we’ll be rejected somehow

But these stories, and the fear that comes up when you tell them, isn’t real. It’s all just part of the make-believe stuff you tell yourself to avoid being hurt or venturing into the “unknown.”

But this lack of adventure and love is no way to REALLY LIVE, let alone live FABULOUSLY!!

This life… our LIVES, are about experience, evolving, loving, healing, caring, exchanging, transformation, wisdom, and ever expanding consciousness.


So today, even if it’s scary… let yourself be LOVED.

Let a stranger hold the door open
Let a co-worker cover for you when you need it
Let a friend help you with a task
Let a family member support you in a goal
Let your partner/lover tell you how amazing you are — AND RECEIVE IT!

You are WORTHY of LOVE… so let yourself be.

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