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feed your mind

What You Feed Your Mind

Just like you have to be mindful of the food you put in your mouth, so too do you have to be discerning about the ideas, stories, and people you let feed your mind. If you spend your time around negative, complaining, broken people all...

Make Peace with Your Past

I know if it was something as easy as flipping on a switch, you probably would have already made peace with your past experiences. But, the longer you hold on to the abuse, the longer it, and your abuser, will have power over you. In order...

You Get What You Settle For

This morning as I was getting my son ready for school, a thought “caught” me. Mind you, it wasn’t a new thought, but rather it was one of those thoughts that I took in, and processed at a deeper level. You, the state of your life,...

You Were Born to Be Real – Not Perfect

Do you struggle with needing to be perfect? Do you think if you are you’ll receive more love, money, validation, or acceptance? Would being “perfect” allow you to look down upon others who may not be as perfect? Or give you some kind of moral authority position...

Stop Giving Your Power Away

No One Can Dull Your Sparkle, Unless You Let Them! Ever start your day feeling fresh, fabulous, and like your confidence alone could make it’s very own fashion statement? Then, you bump into that person, whether they be a lover, friend, co-worker, or boss, and all of...