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Stop Giving Your Power Away

Stop Giving Your Power Away

No One Can Dull Your Sparkle, Unless You Let Them!


Ever start your day feeling fresh, fabulous, and like your confidence alone could make it’s very own fashion statement? Then, you bump into that person, whether they be a lover, friend, co-worker, or boss, and all of a sudden that elation that you were feeling falls flat — and now you’re suddenly deflated?


The reason this occurs is because you’re giving your power away to this other person.


Chances are your relationship didn’t start out this way. In fact, most relationships usually start out with a fair amount of give-and-take. However, over a period of time of you wanting to gain their approval — you started placing them on a pedestal, and the relationship lost its balance.


When you give your power away it erodes your self-esteem, and you begin feeling a sense of resentment whenever you’re around, or think about this person. This feeling affects not only how you deal with them, but it also creates a deep dissatisfaction within you, and your ability to believe that you can create your life the way you want it to be.


Though it may feel comfortable, as anything you do regularly can, giving up your power neverfeels good. And these negative feelings are your clue that you’re not thinking properly about the situation. The hard thing about understanding how you’re giving up your power however, is that it’s a habit you may be repeating over and again, even without your awareness.


So here are two of the most common ways you may be giving your power away in relationships — and how you can gain it back again.


YOU COMPARE YOURSELF TO OTHERS :: No matter how you slice it, comparing yourself to others will only bring you misery and pain. If social media platforms like FACEBOOK have taught us anything, it’s that people are constantly trying to put their best face forward, so we believe their lives are all together. But in reality, we all face dilemmas and hardship, and have those areas that we’re faaar from perfect in.


So rather than worrying about what someone else is doing, if there is something about their life that you admire — instead of letting it get you down because you haven’t excelled there yet — let it inspire you to know that what you want is possible. And then love and believe-in yourself enough to make your life better in that area.


YOU MAKE YOURSELF SMALLER TO PLEASE THE OTHER PERSON :: You are more powerful than you know, let alone act. And if you are around someone weaker than you — especially if you want them to love you, then it’s quite possible that when you’re with them, you diminish your talents and skill set to help them feel superior.


And while this act may feel good, especially if your a woman in relationship with a man that you want to be all powerful — after awhile, you’ll become frustrated because you’re not giving full expression to all that you can be. Hence, rather than playing small — give life your all, and if the other person can’t keep up, then you’ll have to know that by letting go of this person, someone more your speed will come along.


While you may think that giving your power away is no big deal — the person you hurt most with this type of thinking is YOU!


If either of these examples feel like things you do, take a look at how you’re showing up to those relationships that challenge you. Then, do your best to take your power back, so that you can create a healthy balance in your relationships, and create a life filled with peace, bliss, and happiness.


Lots of love, peace, + happiness!

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