Spa-Cation at Sofitel Hotel with L.A. Travel Magazine

Spa-Cation at Sofitel Hotel with L.A. Travel Magazine

So, if you’re new to my site, you may not know that in addition to my passion for fashion, I am also a fairly well-known Intuitive Empath and Energy Channel.  And, on occasion, I “perform” at certain events, one of my favorites being the Los Angeles Travel Magazine ultimate Spa-Cation event, which I do annually!

This year’s event was a blast, as I gave more than 20 readings, over the course of four hours, at the fabulous Sofitel hotel in Beverly Hills.  And, when I wasn’t being of service, something every important to me, I was indulging in all sorts of luxuries, and pampering, including; beauty demonstrations, spa treatments, shopping, games, raffles, food, drinks and shopping. 

If you’re down for a fabulous spa-day getaway, make sure to get on L.A. Travel Magazine‘s mailing list, so you don’t miss the next event.


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