Narcissistic Trauma Recovery Sessions

If you’re struggling with the pain and suffering that comes from narcissistic and intimate partner abuse, let me start by saying… I’m sorry.  And I assure you that you’ve come to a safe and sacred space to get the support you need to grieve, heal, and make a full recovery.

Narcissistic abuse, or being in an abusive relationship, can be a crazy-making, life-draining, and soul-crushing experience. It’s like your mind has been hit with a 2×4, and now it’s hemorrhaging with all these toxic and fear-based ideas, making you feel powerless to self-soothe, or stop it.

And while trying to figure out what’s real or true, you often find yourself emotionally drowning, looking for something solid to hold onto. Some insight or understanding that will give you the clarity you need to figure things out, while waiting for the storm to move on.

Narcissistic Abuse Recovery

Grieving, healing and recovering from narcissistic and intimate partner abuse isn’t an easy, or linear process. One day you feel strong, and like you’re over everything, while the next you feel lost, depressed, or hopeless.

This is why more than scrolling through your social news feed for the answers, which are usually filled with emotionally triggering memes, it’s important to have the right kind of support and guidance to get you through the process, which is why I created…

Trauma Recovery Sessions

A Trauma Recovery Session is a one-on-one healing and mentoring session with me, designed to address your most pressing questions and issues, so that we can calm your hurt and soothe your suffering. It’s a space where you can feel understood and supported by someone who understands your abuse experience, and has the wisdom and expertise to guide you through it.

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What a Trauma Recovery Session Includes…

1) A 45 or 75 minute, one-on-one phone-session with Me
2) Insights and Clarity for the Questions you bring to the Session
3) Support, and Soothing Techniques to Cope with your Emotions
4) Assistance on Creating a Plan for Moving Forward
5) Action items you can Implement Immediately to support your Healing

Narcissistic Abuse Trauma Recovery Sessions

When to use Trauma Recovery Sessions…

Trauma Recovery Sessions are for when you’re facing a deeply disturbing situation or issue, like emotional, physical or narcissistic abuse, and need answers and clarity about some questions to stop-the-emotional-bleeding, and return to a more calm and centered state of being.

Trauma Recovery Sessions are Good for Issues like…

* Understanding the Narcissistic Cycle of Abuse
* Being Able to Identify the Red/Yellow Flags
* Gaining Clarity on Knowing if your Partner is a Narcissist
* How to go “No Contact” or use the “Grey Rock” Method
* Learning to Self-Soothe When Missing Your Abuser
* Figuring Out How to Leave an Abusive Situation
* Combating Toxic Gossip from the Flying Monkeys

When to not Use Trauma Recovery Sessions…

Trauma Recovery Sessions are not meant to fix all of your problems in a single 45-75minute exchange. Nor are they a sufficient replacement for a comprehensive healing or mentoring program that addresses your core wounds and issues.

Healing and transformation are about addressing the beliefs and issues that are working against you, and replacing them with the kinds of ideas and thinking that supports your best and highest good. This is simply not possible in one session.

Your Recovery Starts Now

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