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Hello Luv ~

If you’re struggling with the pain and suffering that comes from narcissistic or intimate partner abuse, let me start by saying… I’m sorry.

And assure you that you’ve come to a safe and sacred space to get the support you need to grieve, heal, and make a full recovery.

Narcissistic abuse, or being in an abusive relationship, can be a crazy-making, life-draining, soul-crushing experience. It’s like your mind has been hit with a 2X4, and now it’s hemorrhaging with all these fear-based ideas, making you feel powerless to self-soothe, or stop it.

And, while trying to figure out what’s true with all the chaos going on around you, you often find yourself emotionally drowning, looking for something to hold onto. Some magic insight or understanding that will give you the clarity you need to find a way out of the darkness you now find yourself in.

How do I know?  Because I’ve been there.

You see, in addition to being an Intuitive Empath and Healer, I am also a narcissistic and intimate partner abuse survivor. I’ve experienced first-hand the elation that comes from thinking you’ve found your soulmate, and that you’re finally going to get your happily ever after. Only to be devastated when discovering it was all a farce. Nothing more than an elaborate scheme to extract narcissistic supply from their latest target.


+ Ignored the yellow and red flags
+ Rationalized and made excuses for toxic behavior, neglect, and abuse
+ Endured the silent treatment, and other women
+ Pretended that words and actions were in alignment, when they weren’t
+ Given to the point of total depletion
+ Cried and had more sleepless nights than someone in a healthy relationship should

When I awoke from my dark-night-of-the-soul, I had a powerful epiphany about the myths and misconceptions we believe that keep us stuck in a cycle of abuse with narcissistic people.  I also realized that once these facts were clearly understood by the victim, it would help them release the false belief that their association with the narcissist could have gone any different.


The narcissist loves, or once loved you

Narcissists don’t love anyone, not even themselves. Additionally, they do not produce Oxycontin, the bonding drug. So authentic bonding and true intimacy with another person is never achieved.

You can love a narcissist enough to change or save them

There is no amount of love, care, attention or chances that will cause a narcissist to change, or suddenly love and respect you the way you deserve.  The emotional maturity someone with NPD achieves is stunted to that of a toddler between the ages of 3 and 5. They will never become healthy functioning adults, capable of truth, love, respect, accountability, empathy, or remorse.

The narcissist must be your “soul-mate”, or else you wouldn’t feel so connected to them

While it may feel like you’re so connected or that you desperately miss them, I assure you, you don’t.  You are addicted to them through a process called Trauma Bonding, and are experiencing withdrawal symptoms, as the toxicity leaves your body.  Once you fully detox from the narcissist, the feelings you have for them will dissipate, and then you can go on to make a full recovery.

All narcissists had traumatic childhoods that made them this way, so you should feel sorry for them

Not all narcissists have abusive or traumatic childhoods, nor is narcissism an automatic trait that develops in response to these types of triggers.  But rather, as was proven by a German research team, people with NPD are missing grey matter in the part of the brain associated with remorse and empathy. Hence, they do not process either of these emotions properly. This, in addition to other factors, contributes to their disease, and destructive behavior.

You are a total victim, and have no responsibility whatsoever for your part in the association

While it’s not your fault that they abused you, you are responsible for your participation in the relationship.  When the narcissist’s mask began to slip, and their words and actions didn’t add up, instead of leaving, you chose to stay, no matter your reason, and did what you could to make things work.  This course of action, while heavily influenced by Trauma Bonding, was still a choice you made to continue with a toxic relationship.  And for that, you are responsible.



As it became more apparent that nothing the narcissist said or did was real or authentic, I began to understand that I was never really in a relationship, so much as a transaction-ship. I served as his supply, and in turn he provided me with a chemical cocktail of Oxycontin, Opioids, Corticotropin-releasing hormone, and Dopamine, via the abuse cycle, which did a number on my Neurochemistry – convincing me that I was in love with him, when I wasn’t. I was addicted.

Once I came to these conclusions, I realized that if I was ever going to be free from this cycle of love addiction, codependency, and abuse, I was going to have to face whatever was going on within me that was causing it – head on.

So, after a deep-dive of exploration into spirit, metaphysics, and holistic healing, I created a multi-tiered process for recovering from narcissistic abuse, and the codependency issues associated with it, so I could finally be done with them.

This unique approach includes my intuitive ability to “see” to the origin of your wounds and issues, and address the real reasons behind the abuse, codependency, and lack of self-esteem going on within you.

The transformation that occurs as a result takes place on mental, emotional, and energetic level, so that having healthy boundaries and intimate relationships are no longer such a struggle.  You will be able to identify yellow flags, when you’re not being respected, or your boundaries are being crossed, and will automatically know how to respond.

And it all starts with my Trauma Recovery Sessions.


A Trauma Recovery Session is an intuitive and comprehensive look at what you’ve been through, so you can better understand your experience, and face the issues that kept you in an abusive situation.

It’s a sacred time for you to safely process your story, guided by me, and receive the exact answers you need to get immediate relief, as well as the insights and understandings to support you with your recovery.


+ A 90min in-take session with me, where you receive the intuitive insights and real-world advice you need to understand your most pressing questions and issues, when it comes to your trauma and abuse.

+ A Recovery Recommendation Report that includes a comprehensive trauma assessment, including your past and present issues, which are working against you, and a list of tools and resources to best support you on your journey of recovery.

These resources + tools include:

+ Trauma Assessment
– Past + Present

+ Healing Tools + Techniques
– Mantras, Meditations + Affirmations
– Essential Oils + Crystal Recipes
– Written + Physical Exercises

+ Recovery Recommendations
– Books, Movies, + Other Media
– Essential Oils + Crystal Therapy
– Healing Modalities

+ A 30min follow-up session with me, where we go over the recommendation report together, reviewing the assessment, recommendations, and information, so I can address any questions you may have about how to implement the prescriptions and recommendations.



One of the clearest benefits to people who work with me to heal their abuse and codependency issues, is the shift from a codependent mind, to a healthy one.

Look at the difference…


+ My self-esteem comes from solving your problems
+ Feeling good about myself comes from your liking me
+ Your challenges and frustrations affect my peace and serenity
+ I hide my true feelings to manipulate your behavior
+ My primary focus is on pleasing you
+ I put my interests and desires aside to be with you


+ My self-esteem comes from making good choices for me
+ Feeling good about me comes from me liking me
+ Your challenges matter because I care, not because they dictate how I feel about me
+ I share my true feelings, regardless of how you may receive them
+ My primary focus is on taking care of me, and pursuing my passions
+ I purse my interests and passions, even if that means being away from you

While these are only a few comparisons, it does give you a clear idea of the differences between someone who suffers from codependency, versus someone who does not.


Your Recovery Starts Now

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