My Spiritual Side

Empath Morgan McKean

If you’re “stuck”, angry, empty, emotionally hurting, or simply want more out of life… you’re not alone. I can help.

As an Intuitive Empath, I see behind “closed doors”, with a knack for helping people increase their self-love and confidence, and to navigate the beautiful, yet sometimes murky waters of the human experience. I first dipped my toe into spirituality and the human-potential movement at the ripe old age of six, and it has become a life-long love affair – which I now share with others so they can create a life of their own design.

However, don’t think because of my spiritual gifts and understandings that my life has been a bed of roses. Just like you, I’ve had self-esteem issues, have given into emotional eating, been in less than desirable relationships, and did some “unnecessary” career hopping in my 20‘s. And I’ve faced them all successfully using the insights, understandings, and techniques I now share with my private clients, on stage, and in the media, to heal people’s hearts and heads, so they can make their lives what they want them to be.

Known for being a “Vitamin B12 Shot” for people’s dreams, my mission is to heal where you’re hurting, and to help you be happy. So I ask the tough questions, confront your current-programming, point out what you’re NOT seeing, and then challenge you to elevate your mind, so you can make your dreams a reality.

While Intuitive Mentoring is no longer my primary business, I do still perform readings, as my schedule permits.
I do these sessions by phone, FaceTime, or in person if you’re local to me.


60 minutes :: $200
90 minutes :: $300


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