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If you’re ready to develop the mindset you need to manifest your deepest desires, you’re in the right place.

Hey Luv ~
If you were living your best life right now, what would it look like?


+ What would you be doing?

+ Where would you be going?

+ What would you be eating?

+ How would you be dressing?

+ And who would you be spending your time with?


Now that you have a vision for your ideal life, ask yourself – who and or what is currently keeping you from it?


While you may sight a hundred reasons ranging from money to opportunity to time, in my more than 15 years of experience in counseling people I’ve learned it comes down to one thing – your mindset. Namely, having a limited, fear-based mindset that will not let you manifest anything past your current programming.


And I can help you change that.

We all have limited programming and fear-based beliefs that hold us back. Most of which was picked up during our childhood, based on how life was modeled for us.


As adults, these beliefs show up as fear, insecurity, negative self-talk, procrastination and self-sabotage. It’s what mental health professionals and psychologists refer to as “our conditioning”. And it is this conditioning that must be shifted or reprogrammed, if we want to manifest our ideal life.


As an Intuitive Counselor and Metaphysician, I have a unique process for helping you to reprogram your subconscious beliefs, so you can release and reframe patterns that no longer serve you, and replace them with the kind that do. Together, we work to increase your self-esteem, self-love and self-worth, while we elevate your mindset and belief-system, so you can shift the trajectory of your life experience.

A few things I believe about manifesting…

Our thoughts do not create our reality


Think for a moment how many thoughts you have a day. Now think about how much those thoughts contradict each other. If our thoughts directly created our experience, our lives would be full of chaos.


You do not need to have a positive mindset in order to manifest


Have you ever noticed how many angry, depressed, and sad people seem to have financial success, a great marriage or even a fit and fabulous body? That’s because you don’t need to be positive in order to manifest your desires.


We manifest from our subconscious


So, no matter how many vision boards, gratitude lists, positive thinking mantras or acting-as-if moments we go through, we will ONLY and ALWAYS manifest from the level of our subconscious. Meaning, we manifest on a loop, based on the imprintation we’ve received, and continue to produce our experiences from this perspective.

I don’t believe in the Law of Attraction


This one might come as a shock but, hear me out. To me, a law is a law 100% of the time, like gravity. Even the best manifestors in the world have to admit that their experiences don’t all match exactly what they put out there. In other words, it is not consistent like a law, it is a general “principle”, which is much closer to how spirit has demonstrated it to me.


I believe in the Law of Vibration


More specifically, I believe in the Law of Vibration, as in things that vibrate at the same frequency are magnetized to each other. So, your work is to shift your subconscious programming, so that you can match the energetic frequency of your desires. Once you accomplish this frequency, you allow for the equivalent of your heart’s desire to manifest in your world.

If you want to manifest

+ A New Relationship or Repair an Existing One

+ Success in Your Business or Career

+ A Healthier and more Fit Body

+ Being instantly confident in any situation

+ The Mastery of a New Skill

+ A Deeper Connection to Your Spirit

Working with me, will help you to

+ Understand your habits and patterns

+ Create New Patterns for Success

+ Control your emotions, and use them as a tool

+ Become instantly confident in any situation

+ Tap into a Fearless and Limitless Mindset

+ Manifest your deepest Desires

I'M IN!!
My Method…

So, after years of deep-diving into spirit, metaphysics and holistic healing, as well as counseling people on everything from how to manifest their ideal career or relationship, to how to create successful businesses and heal all kinds of low vibe or toxic situations, I have created a multi-tiered approach to helping you shift your mindset, so you can have the life you deserve.


This unique approach includes my intuitive gifts and ability to “see” to the origin of your blocks, wounds and issues, so we can address the real reasons behind why you’re stuck, not creating the kind of life you want. From there, we begin a process of releasing, reframing and replacing any idea or belief that doesn’t serve you, so that you have a solution oriented mind, where you feel confident facing anything life throws at you.


The transformation that occurs as a result takes place on a mental, emotional, and energetic level, so that having a positive, innovative and solution oriented mindset is part of your natural being. You will be able to identify people and opportunities that support your new way of being, and will soon find your whole life a reflection of your new and improved mindset.


+ 2 55 min Phone/Video Sessions with Me
+ 2 15 min Check-In / Chat
+ 1 3-5 min Affirmation Audio (MP3/Wav)
+ Full Email Support In Case of Emergencies


+ 4 55 min Phone/Video Sessions with Me
+ 1 15 min Check-Ins (When 5 Weeks Only)
+ 1 5-10 min Guided Meditation Audio (MP3/Wav)
+ Full Email Support In Case of Emergencies

If you’re ready to shift your mindset for the better, email us at
hello @ beingmorgan . com to set up your coaching sessions today.