Make Peace with Your Past

Make Peace with Your Past

I know if it was something as easy as flipping on a switch, you probably would have already made peace with your past experiences. But, the longer you hold on to the abuse, the longer it, and your abuser, will have power over you.

In order to move on you must forgive yourself for what you didn’t know then. And release any self-blame you may be holding onto.

You must learn to value and take care of you, like the worthy human you were born as. Because if you don’t, you leave yourself open for more abuse to show up in your life experience.

You must learn to set, and enforce, healthy boundaries that support your best and highest good. As this is a demonstration that you love and value you, and teaches others to respect you too.

And you must learn that your abuser was a teacher, here to show you where deeper healing is necessary for your evolvement. because when you come through this – whole, healthy + complete – no one will ever take advantage of you again.

When you do these things, you don’t allow your past to hold you hostage. and you are able yo create your life freely – just as you want it to be.

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