do you…

* say ‘yes’ to things, when you really want to say ‘no’?
* struggle with self-esteem, confidence and codependency issues?
* judge, berate, and criticize yourself for not having it “all” figured out?
* stay in toxic and abusive relationships, often repeating unhealthy patterns?
* feel overly responsible for everyone around you, even when you’re really not?
if so, I want you to know, you’re not alone… I can help.

at the root of these issues, as well as so many other relationship challenges, is a lack of self-love, personal identity, and or solid core, usually stemming from childhood wounds that have never been addressed. and when left unhealed or dealt with, often become triggered in our adult relationships, because we only and always attract our mirror. in this case, other wounded individuals who never received the support they needed to heal either. so they trigger our unresolved wounds and issues, and vice versa, bringing them to the surface where they can finally be dealt with.

learning to release and reframe the pain, shame, and anger you’ve been carrying, while reprogramming yourself to love, respect, and value the person you are, can change all of that – but you have to know where to begin. and that’s where I, and Intuitive Counseling come in.

heal your self-worth, trauma + codependency issues with Intuitive Counseling

different than traditional therapy or psychological counseling that is based solely on a formal education and experience, the insights and understandings that come during an intuitive counseling session originate from ‘source’, ‘spirit’, or a sixth-sense. however, please don’t think that accessing the wisdom of ‘uni-verse’ is where my span of expertise ends. in addition to my intuitive gifts and understandings, I have more than 20 years of extensive study, research, and experience guiding countless individuals, who have suffered with these exact types of issues, to relief and peace.

some of the healing modalities I include in my practice:

* metaphysical principles + techniques
* energy healing (similar to reiki)
* (non-traditional) cogitative behavioral therapy
* traditional and alternative research and therapies for dealing with:

* narcissism (NPD)
* codependency
* trauma attachments

I may also recommend certain rituals + practices, specific to your situation or issues, such as:

* essential oil recipes
* whole food nutrition + dietary supplements
* meditation, yoga + mind relaxation
* daily rituals, or changes in routine

Intuitive Counseling

why I’m uniquely qualified

something that makes me uniquely qualified to guide you through the healing process from toxic and abusive relationships, as well as show you how to recover from the codependency issues that go with them, is that in addition to being an intuitive counselor, I am also an abuse survivor and recovering codependent.

yes, it’s true. what started me on this path, beyond my “spiritual knowings”, was growing up in a toxic environment, where members of my immediate family struggled with alcoholism, anger, narcissism, multiple suicide attempts, and other mental health issues, causing subsequent emotional abuse and neglect. in adolescence, this trauma left me feeling empty and questioning my worth, until very stereotypically, I became an adult codependent, choosing several abusive lovers, business partners, and even friends.

that all changed for me however, once I fully understood what codependency is, where it stems from (warning – there are multiple theories and concepts out there), and most importantly, that it is a learned behavior or stress disorder that can be UNLEARNED.

yep, that’s right!!! codependency or being codependent isn’t a life sentence. and neither is choosing or feeling like you need to stay with abusive, predatorial, or other “undesirable” partners. but to get out of the chaos and darkness, and into this “healthy place”, you’re going to have to understand what it is you’re dealing with, so you can release what no longer serves you, and reprogram yourself with the ideas and beliefs that do.

working with me

if you’ve been doing your best to deal with your problems on your own, scanning the internet for anything that looks like a solution, but not getting the relief you’re looking for, perhaps a deeper, more intuitive approach is in order.

in my sessions, I will help you:

+ identify your exact wounds and issues
+ bring clarity to any unprocessed neglect, abuse + trauma
+ recover from intimate partner and parental neglect + abuse
+ release any false beliefs about past experiences that are binding you
+ create a plan for healing your codependency issues + childhood wounds
+ increase your self-esteem, self-worth, self-love and confidence
+ better your relationship and communication skills

what to expect…

whether we connect on the phone or via video conferencing, our session will begin with you sharing about your situation. once I have a good understanding of your story, I will offer you the insights you need to get immediate clarity and understanding about whatever it is that is most important to you. after you feel clear about your most pressing questions, I will then provide you with custom strategies for how to address whatever wounds it is you’re dealing with.

working with me is a non-linear, and cooperative process, wherein you receive the intuitive insights and real-world advice that will help you overcome, heal, and recover from the wounds and issues that have you stuck. please keep in mind, some issues may be resolved in a session or two, while deeper wounds and trauma may take much longer, allowing you to assimilate new information over time. the result in working with me is immediate relief, with a strategy for how to recover from your wounds and issues, until you attain the freedom and peace of mind you desire.


session time + investment


60 MINUTES - $200


90 MINUTES - $300






Unfortunately, I do not. However, you are welcome to record them on your end, using any method available to you. Many clients have said using “Screen Recording” or “Voice Memo” from their smart phone has been the most convenient.


I recommend writing down any issues or questions you want to go over during our time together, as things can be forgotten for any number of reasons in the moment.


You can either select from one of the session choices above, which will direct you to Paypal, or I also take Venmo and Zelle, for your convenience. Please email me to set up Venmo or Zelle for you.


At the time of your session, I will send a text to the number you’ve provided, letting you know I am ready to begin. Then, you will ring me on that same number, when you are ready on your end.


I do not give refunds, so please be confident about your choice to have a session with me.

If for some reason you are unable to keep your session with me, I will hold it for up to 3 months from the time of purchase. If it is a package, I will inform you of your specific options, based on your selection.

You can reschedule your session all the way up until 24 hours in advance, and still be able to use your session at another time. If however, you provide less than 24 hours’ notice of cancellation, and it is not a verifiable emergency, you will have forfeited your session time and fee with me.

For any questions, you can email us at hello @ beingmorgan . com