Heal the Hurt from Abusive RelationshipsHello Luv ~

I know why you’re here.

And, even if we never meet…  I want you to know, I’m sorry for all the pain you’re feeling.

I know how devastating it can be to go from believing you’ve finally found the man of your dreams, your soul-mate, “the one”, only to learn he’s really a low-life jerk, a con-artist, a liar, a cheater, or some other kind of serial abuser.

It’s like you woke-up one day, and this man who’s been romancing you, telling you how much he’ll always love, adore, and care for you, is gone.  And in his place is this monster, criticizing you, verbally attacking you, and trying to control every little thing you do.  Or worse, he’s lying to you, cheating on you, stealing your money, or even getting physically abusive.

And although you can remember promising yourself that you would never be the kind of woman who would ever let a man abuse her, here you are.  Tired, confidence drained, self-esteem eroded, and most likely your health, compromised. You’re constantly stressed and anxious, and given all the turmoil going on in your head, your ability to make solid decisions that are in your best interest, isn’t exactly at it’s finest.

In other words, you’ve given all of your power and mojo to him.
And now you’re running on empty, 
feeling overwhelmed and depleted. 

Now, depending on the severity of the abuse, this is about the time that you find yourself lying awake in the middle of the night, with mantras in your head like “I hate this man. I hate this man.” Contemplating all your different exit strategies, unable to fathom how much more of this you can take.

But, when the fantasies fade and reality sets in, you still don’t feel like you have what it takes to seriously walk away from him.  So instead you numb out, ignore the abuse, and try to convince yourself that things really aren’t as bad as they seem.  Till one day, he does something so utterly heinous that you KNOW you have to do whatever it takes to get out, and stay out. Permanently!

If this your story, or it sounds a bit too familiar, you might be wondering how I could possibly know what it is you’re going through, and the reason is this…

Morgan McKean Stop Intimate Partner Abuse

In addition to being an Intuitive Empath and Healer, who has helped hundreds, if not thousands, to navigate the sometimes difficult and murky waters of inmate relationships, I am also an abuse survivor.

I share this with you, not for any kind of sympathy, but to let you know that I see you, feel you, and understand exactly what you’re going through.  Also, to show you that you are in a safe, peaceful, and loving, no-judgment zone.  So please, feel free to share your truth, and be your authentic self with me, especially as we partner together for your healing.



As I was saying, I’ve not only helped countless individuals to heal their patterns of abuse and victimhood, but I’ve also walked a mile or two in those same exact shoes.  So, I know what it is you’re really experiencing, right down to the types of thoughts you’re thinking, and emotions you’re feeling, including;

SHOCK :: Even though looking back, you can clearly see there were earlier warning signs, there is still a big part of you that’s shocked that this has all actually happened.  It’s as though, while you could almost see it coming, nothing could have prepared you for the 2X4 that’s hit your thought-stream, which is now hemorrhaging with all sorts of fear-based stories and ideas. Making you feel anxious and crazy, not quite able to grasp reality.

NUMB + DENIAL :: As you are able to acknowledge more of what has happened, you begin to go numb.  It’s as though your body has shutdown out of self-preservation, so you don’t have to absorb the full impact of the experience all at once.  This is also when your mind tries to deny what’s actually taken place, as it works to protect you in the same way the feelings of numbness do.  Each story denying the truth, in this stage of grieving, working like a parachute, keeping you from getting pulled down too far, too fast, into an emotional pit of darkness.

ANGER + EMBARRASSMENT :: Once the numbness wears off, and you’ve processed yet another layer of your trauma, you begin to feel an inner rage that’s all consuming. “How dare he…  (fill-in-the-blank)!!”, becomes your daily, if not hourly battle cry.  You seethe from the inside out of humiliation and anger, as you play over and again each lie you fell for, and slap you received.  So embarrassed that you ever allowed yourself to get involved with someone who could treat you so badly.

LOSS OF IDENTITY, HOPELESS + DEPRESSED ::  As your anger, rage and embarrassment subside, you realize that no matter what you do, the life you once thought you had is now gone.  And you’re not getting it back. Your identity is shattered, and what’s worse, you don’t have the hope, energy, or mindset to even begin to put it together again.  So you fall into a state of depression, which can last anywhere from weeks to months, or even years.

This depressed state can also create permanent mental and emotional blocks, that left unhealed, can keep you “stuck” from ever moving forward in life in a happy and healthy way again.

And while I know there are so many more unique scenarios and feelings than I can possibly address here, I also know that the key to working through them includes giving your experience meaning, repairing your broken thought-stream, and healing those ideas and beliefs about yourself that made you attracted this kind of relationship in the first place.


This is why I created “HEAL THE HURT”

Heal The Hurt Abuse Program - Morgan McKean

Heal the Hurt is an Intuitive Healing Program designed to help you to release and reframe the pain from toxic and abusive relationships.

The program consists of 16, one-on-one, intuitive healing sessions with me, to be done weekly, via phone or video conferencing, over a four month period.  Each session is 75 minutes long, and you are free to record it, so you can go back and listen, and get even more value out of it, at your convenience.

You will also have email access to me, as well as receive regular text support, to make sure you’re staying calm, strong, and centered, in between sessions.



Combing several different healing methods, including; intuitive and empathic readings, spiritual principles and techniques, and self-improvement exercises, I’ve broken the Heal The Hurt program into four stages of healing from toxic and abusive relationships :

STAGE 1 (4 Weeks)  :: During this first stage, I will give you the tools and insights you need to calm the immediate pain, and stop your mind from hemorrhaging with all it’s fear-based ideas. I will teach you positive self-soothing techniques, and motivate you to avoid any harmful thinking, or activities. You will also learn about the six stages of grieving and healing after trauma, and how for you to best process them.

STAGE 2 (4 Weeks) :: Once you have a better understanding about the six stages of grieving, and can better identified where you are in healing the process, we will dig a little deeper into the reasons behind your trauma. By better understanding the reasons behind why you attracted this kind of person/situation into your life, we can better heal those false beliefs so you never do this again. This knowledge will also help empower you to use this trauma as a tool to make you wiser and stronger, instead of a reason to become even more depressed, and a permanent victim.

STAGE 3 (4 Weeks) :: Here’s where you start to sense that there may be a silver lining to all this. You begin to see the blank slate before you as an opportunity to write a new story for your life, instead of as some kind of punishment, removing you from the old one.  Because your “low times” have significantly decreased, we can also start to strategize about who you want to be after your recovery.  And begin making a plan for you to try out and engage in new life affirming activities.

STAGE 4 (4 Weeks) :: This is where all the pieces from the last three months start to really come together.  We get you deeply rooted into your new, and more positive thought-patterns and belief-system.  I challenge you to become even more engaged with life, scheduling positive activities, and opening yourself to new people and friend groups.  And, while you may have a sad moment here and there, you’re able to draw upon the wisdom you have gained from all of this to keep yourself from sinking.

You’ve assigned value and meaning to your trauma, and have moved into a place where you can make peace with your past. Leading you to the final stage of healing, which is acceptance.


Please note, healing is not a linear process…  

Hence, there is no way to guarantee that you will flow through it perfectly in four short months.  However, what I can promise is that by the end of this program, you will have…

  • Contained the trauma, and defused the mental and emotional chaos you’re currently experiencing as a result of your abuse.
  • Identified and mastered powerful self-soothing techniques, and be able to draw upon them anytime you’re facing emotional chaos.
  • A clear understanding of the six stages of grieving, and why honoring each will actually move you through the process more effectively, and with ease.
  • Discovered the root cause or issues that have caused you to attract abusive partners.  Along with having the tools and insights you need to keep healing any residual damage, so you stop the pattern of attracting them.
  • A step-by-step strategy/action plan, for how you’re going to continue to move from where you are now, at the beginning of a new journey/- to where you want to be, thriving, and enjoying life, being who you want to be.



TIME :: The Heal The Hurt Program consists of 16 one-on-one, 75 minute sessions, to be done over four months.
You also want to be able to dedicate at least 15 – 20 minutes to written or mental exercises, at least 4-5 days a week.

FINANCIAL :: The Heal The Hurt Program is either 4 monthly payments of $725USD, or one full payment of $2,725.

If you’re ready to “Heal The Hurt” and make peace with your past, or if you have any questions,
please fill out the application, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.