Every Relationship Teaches You More About Who You’re Being

Every Relationship Teaches You More About Who You’re Being

Everything in your world, especially your relationships, serve as a reflection of who you’re being.

The reason for this is that our experiences and relationships are meant to provide us with the feedback we need to see if our thoughts, ideas, and beliefs are on par with our deepest desires and dreams.

And, if we like the feedback our experiences are providing us, we know to continue along our current path of consciousness. And if we don’t, these situations provide us with the information we need to elevate our thinking towards more positive life experiences.

So the next time someone is frustrating you, causing you angst, or creating pain within you in anyway/- instead of letting yourself dwell in the negative emotion, take a pause to realize that they are just there to teach you more about who you’re being.

And if you don’t like it, let the feedback they’re providing serve as a tool to help you become more of who you want to be.

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