Do YOU! And Nobody But YOU!

Do YOU! And Nobody But YOU!

Never Be a Second Rate Version of Someone Else

In my intuitive healing practice, people frequently tell me who they want to be, which all together too often seems to be a version of someone else. If they’re a writer, they want to be ‘their version’ of Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat, Prey, Love) or if they have their own business, they want a reality show and lifestyle brand like the Kardashians.

While this phenomena is understandable, as most of us can only desire to become those things we’ve been exposed to, by comparing ourselves and our lives to another, we rob ourselves of the joy in being us.

If you want to know who you are and what you’re capable of, you must have the courage to show up as yourself!

When you compare yourself to another, you negate all the wonder and fabulousness that is you. By focusing on someone else who you think has it better, you are belittling your talents, gifts and personal life experiences, which makes creating your own life as you wish that much more difficult.

So what’s the cure for comparison?

Take some time to get clear on who you are and what makes you happy, as happiness is key to successfully becoming whoever you want to be. When we have clarity on these things, we’re less likely to focus on what others are doing, because we’re too busy creating our own amazing lives authentically.

Each of us has something to contribute our community, and when we’re doing it, we feel valuable, purposeful and happy…. and really, isn’t that the whole reason we want any experience — to feel happy?

“Death by Comparison” Life Tip :: You will always experience more love, success and happiness by being yourself and living a life of authenticity.

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