Could Happiness be the Key to Discovering Your Purpose?

Could Happiness be the Key to Discovering Your Purpose?

“You know, you really need to discover your purpose!”

Though few would argue that this is one of the biggest catch phrases of our time, when you take away the hype, why do we really want purpose, and how come so many of us struggle to find it?

While I’m sure you have your own ideas as to why, I’d like to share the following: The reason we want to discover our purpose is because we believe that when we live the experience of it, we will ultimately feel happy.

Now you may be thinking, That’s pretty much what I thought. However, here’s where the deeper level of understanding comes in. What if I told you that chasing after happiness, through external experiences, was actually working against you in achieving your dreams of living it?

That’s right. Contrary to popular belief, happiness isn’t something we achieve when we have a certain experience; happiness is something we feel when we have a positive reaction to that which we’re thinking. In other words, it’s your thoughts about a particular idea or activity that make you feel happy, and not the experience itself.

So how does understanding what makes you feel happy help you to discover your purpose?  I’ll explain. When a person declares that they have found their purpose, what they’re really saying is, I have had enough positive reactions, while entertaining this idea about me, that I now know through my ability to produce these happy feelings, that this must be the path for me.

So, what you really mean when you say, “I want to discover my purpose,” is that you want to find an idea, that whenever you give your attention to it, provides you with a positive thought stream, which in turn makes you feel happy. So then, your quest to find a purpose is really a quest to experience more happiness.

Don’t worry, for those of you who believe you need to make a contribution to your community, this is not a selfish way of discovering your purpose. As we all wake up to greater levels of expanded awareness, what we’re discovering is that our real purpose is to spread ideas of love, peace, health and happiness, through any idea or activity that helps us to feel those feelings. Therefore, your purpose is whatever you declare it to be; the key to finding it however, begins with your quest to live a life of happiness.

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