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Narcissistic Personality Disorder SUCKS! It’s the kind of disease that not only effects the host, but can completely destroy almost anyone who tries to love them. It’s also a covert disease, as it can be very hard to identify, unless you get extremely close to the person who has it. And, by the time you’re in that deep, they’ve usually already identified you as “narc supply”, and unless you jump ship at the first yellow or red flag, you are in for a bumpy ride.   And, don’t think just because you broke it off, because they weren’t treating you right, that they’re just going to let you go. Oh no! They’ll do things like claim they’ve been diagnosed with a “disease” (like cancer or diabetes), or that they want to put your kid on their sports team, to pull on your heart strings, and keep you in their life.…

This morning as I was getting my son ready for school, a thought “caught” me. Mind you, it wasn’t a new thought, but rather it was one of those thoughts that I took in, and processed at a deeper level. You, the state of your life, and ALL the things in it, are what you’re settling for… Whether it’s the food we eat, the way we exercise our body, the way we making a living, or the relationships we cultivate/- each choice is what we’re willing to “live with” in the moment. Now, in the areas you’re happy with your experience, this is GREAT, because it means you’ve adjusted your beliefs or energy to match your desired reality. But, in those areas you’re dissatisfied, or even unhappy, it means you’re settling for less than what your spirit knows you can create. So, how do you make it better? Well, rather…

Do you struggle with needing to be perfect? Do you think if you are you’ll receive more love, money, validation, or acceptance? Would being “perfect” allow you to look down upon others who may not be as perfect? Or give you some kind of moral authority position that feeds your ego? No matter what what you currently believe, the desire to be perfect comes from a deep longing to be loved and accepted/- and not feeling worthy of receiving it in your current position. When we feel unworthy of love, respect, or validation, we often develop a deep-belief that… “If I was more perfect, in whatever way I think I’m lacking, then people will love me.” Which, when believed long enough, creates a toxic inner world, where we’re never enough/- and life becomes difficult and chaotic. When you realize that you are loving and lovable, just the way you are,…

“You know, you really need to discover your purpose!”

Though few would argue that this is one of the biggest catch phrases of our time, when you take away the hype, why do we really want purpose, and how come so many of us struggle to find it?

While I’m sure you have your own ideas as to why, I’d like to share the following: The reason we want to discover our purpose is because we believe that when we live the experience of it, we will ultimately feel happy.

Now you may be thinking, That’s pretty much what I thought. However, here’s where the deeper level of understanding comes in. What if I told you that chasing after happiness, through external experiences, was actually working against you in achieving your dreams of living it?