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Becoming Princess Charming 


A Self-Help Guide for Women Wanting to Create Their Happily Ever After!

Do you ever feel lost, “stuck”, or like you’re going through life as some kind of imitation version of yourself?


Would you like to have more peace and clarity, tap into your greater potential — and live like a princess in your very own fairy tale?

In Becoming Princess Charming: Creating the Magical Mindset for Your Happily Ever After, I take you on an enchanting journey of self-discovery, where you learn how your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs directly affect the reality you experience.  Each chapter, I reveal powerful concepts and proven techniques about how to create your happily ever after, as I use fantasy characters and pop-culture analogies to breakdown metaphysical principles and spiritual understandings, so they can be easily understood and applied to your life.


Designed specifically to be a fun and engaging self-help guide, Becoming Princess Charming features six session-chapters with me, including; Fun, Food + Fitness, and Men, Money + Meaning, each filled with the kind of intuitive insights and real world advice you need to help you become the princess of your very own fairy tale, called LIFE!

Here’s What You’ll Get from Each Chapter


In the Fun chapter, we’ll explore the power of your imagination, as I teach you just how effective of a tool it can be when it comes to turning your fantasies, into your reality.


In the Food chapter, you’ll discover what your relationship to food really is, and how to identify what your plate of food says about you, at any moment. You’ll also get to see my top 5 Super Foods, and the top 5 I avoid at all costs, and why.


In the Fitness chapter, I’ll show you how to shift your perspective with your body, so you can create a more intimate, and healthy relationship with it. And if you’re confused about where you currently stand, that’s okay… you can take the assessment test at the beginning of the chapter to figure that out.


In the Men chapter, you’ll find out that every prince you meet, is only and always reflecting back to you your current values, ideals, and beliefs. And not to worry if yours isn’t so royal at the moment, as I’ve included a magic spell for how to turn your toad back into a prince – if that is your wish.


In the Money Chapter, you’ll learn what you really believe about money, and how that belief affects how much of it you experience. You’ll also get access to specific exercises and techniques that will help shift your relationship with money, so you experience the amount of it that fits you best.


In the Meaning Chapter, I will teach you how to discover your purpose by understanding that everything you want, you want because you believe it will make you feel happy. And isn’t feeling happy the whole point of living like a princess?

Listen to an Audio Expert from the “Meaning” Chapter

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