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Am I a People Pleaser or Codependent

How Can I Tell if I’m Codependent?

  Dear Morgan,   I grew up in a large family with an alcoholic father and controlling mom. To avoid getting in trouble with them, I developed what I’ve come to understand is a people pleaser personality.  And I was okay with that. I just...

am I codependent

The Codependent

suffering from self-love deficient disorder do you… + fear rejection and being unlovable + believe you’re not quite good enough + take things personally or often feel like a victim + pick on yourself for everything, including how you think, feel, look, and act + feed off the neediness of others,...

feed your mind

What You Feed Your Mind

Just like you have to be mindful of the food you put in your mouth, so too do you have to be discerning about the ideas, stories, and people you let feed your mind. If you spend your time around negative, complaining, broken people all...

believe in yourself

Believe In Yourself

You don't owe it to anyone to play the role they've assigned you - as that's how you make yourself stressed and upset, as well as creating a world full of chaos for yourself. You were born with an internal guidance system, which feeds you...