being morgan


No One Can Dull Your Sparkle, Unless You Let Them! Ever start your day feeling fresh, fabulous, and like your confidence alone could make it’s very own fashion statement? Then, you bump into that person, whether they be a lover, friend, co-worker, or boss, and all of a sudden that elation that you were feeling falls flat — and now you’re suddenly deflated? The reason this occurs is because you’re giving your power away to this other person. Chances are your relationship didn’t start out this way. In fact, most relationships usually start out with a fair amount of give-and-take. However, over a period of time of you wanting to gain their approval — you started placing them on a pedestal, and the relationship lost its balance. When you give your power away it erodes your self-esteem, and you begin feeling a sense of resentment whenever you’re around, or think about this person. This feeling affects…