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Make Peace with Your Past

I know if it was something as easy as flipping on a switch, you probably would have already made peace with your past experiences. But, the longer you hold on to the abuse, the longer it, and your abuser, will have power over you. In order to move on you...

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Note to a Survivor

hi there ~ yeah you. i know you’ve been through a lot. and you’re wishing it would all just stop. but i want to remind you, those who have higher callings, tend to have more challenges.   whether you’ve been abused, addicted, or found yourself in some otherwise toxic situation,...

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Grey Rock Method (Dana Garland)

Grey Rock Method

Several members of my "Heal The Hurt" Facebook support group have contacted me recently telling me that they’re either living with, married to, or raising children with their abuser, and that going “No Contact” is not an option for them at this time.  And while going no contact is always...

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